Canine Cosplay: K-9

I love my dog, Maya. I have grown to love costuming as well. Maya comes with me anywhere I’m allowed to bring her, she’s my constant companion, and well-known by our local Krewe du Who members. So I wanted to give her a Doctor Who costume of her own, for when she comes to Krewe events. What costume to make? There was only ONE option, really, and it’s an AWESOME one. K-9, the “tin dog”, beloved robotic companion of The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith.

Part 1: The Character

Heroes-of-doctor-who-k9-john-leeson-the-time-warriors tumblr_mydydtcqmT1rzxgamo1_500 k9-mk2-left-profile K-9-Doctor-Who-Wizard-World-Philly-2013

Part 2: Sources of Info & Inspiration

It turns out I’m not the only nutter who likes to dress up my dog in sci-fi costumes. Go figure. I found some super cute pictures on the Interwebs, and got some good ideas about what I wanted to do and what I thought would work best for my pup and where/when I wanted her to wear it, and how to make her comfortable. She’s nine years old now, and we live in a hot climate, so comfort was top of my list for considerations for this costume. I didn’t want rough edges or anything too warm, and I wanted to sue fabric so she could lay down and it would move with her, and it would be machine washable as well.

Check out this little guy on deviantart. A Google image search yielded more results, but unfortunately I don’t have links for these. If these are your pups or you have links I can add, please let me know, I’d love to give credit!

d8df92fdf619381b7ed41e88c40ed7a9 lab IMG_8834 IMG_8833

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IKOC Parade 2014 Link Roundup

The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus and all of the amazing subkrewes (including our beloved Krewe du Who) have been getting some media love since our 2014 parade through the Marigny Saturday night. Here’s a roundup of some of the links I’ve seen flying across our Krewe Facebook Group pages:

I’ll add more as I see ’em!