DIY Mask, Jewelry & Props for San, Princess Mononoke

As I mentioned in my primary post for San from Princess Mononoke, this was by far the most craft-intensive, DIY-heavy costume I’ve undertaken thus far, and it was SO FUN. I didn’t do anything that was super complicated, I stuck to relatively simple methods and materials, nothing fancy, nothing that was a new technique. No Worbla, no dying unfamiliar fabrics, no buying fancy new tools. Tried and true crafting, like when we were kids: papier mache, craft foam & glue, stringing beads, acrylic paint, safety pins, needle & thread, those kinds of things. There were several things I needed to make, so I was conservative with the techniques in the interest of time and sanity. There would be time later to learn new things, but for my first DIY costume, I felt I needed to start simple. And it WORKED. Here’s a breakdown of all the DIY pieces and how I made them. Princess-Mononoke-Heroine-San-Anime-Cosplay-High-Quality-Pendant-Necklace

First, the necklaces! San wears two, the “tooth” necklace and the blue crystal one that Ashitaka gives her. Here’s a screen cap of what they look like in the movie.

Tooth & Bead Necklace


  • Wild Boar Teeth
  • Faux Lava Stone Beads
  • Twine
  • Necklace Kit w/Lobster Clasp

photo 4-3  photo 5-3  photo 3-5

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San, Princess Mononoke

For our second Krewe de Fu ball, the theme revolved around anime. I’m lacking in knowledge about most anime, and didn’t want to just do some kind of generic anime-looking character, so I went with a character I knew and loved, from the only real area of anime I’m familiar with, the Miyazaki movies. I tossed around a few different character ideas, and ultimately went with San from Princess Mononoke, in part because our Krewe de Fu Ball is a masked event, and San wears a mask – an AWESOME mask – for parts of the film. I convinced Seann to go as Prince Ashitaka with me, so BAM! Couples costume. (see this separate post for info on the Ashitaka costume) Ultimately, due to family events, we weren’t able to attend the Ball (sad face), so instead we wore them for Halloween later in the year instead.

Part 1: The Character

princess-mononoke-princess-mononoke-16450786-1024-768  mononoke  princess_mononoke6 6bdce7a994e8290fed2c977ac8e2a48b 731eb1a1255fbc379e8af59c3d9e6aba mononoke_0

Part 2: Sources of Info & Inspiration

Once again, my absolute BEST resources are others who have thread this path before me. Some great ones to check out:

Part 3: Piecing Together

The challenge of this costume is that I knew I needed to make or cobble together nearly everything. I wouldn’t be able to purchase most of the items and have them work without modification. This is a much craftier effort than I’ve made for other costumes. Ok, so the best way to organize this is to break it into components: 1) the clothes; 2) the accessories: jewelry & props; 3) the MASK. Please note that at the moment I can’t find all of my receipts, so I’m guessing on some of these costs as best I can remember. I know I kept them, so I will search and do an update on the actuals when I find them.

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