Femme First Doctor for Krewe Du Who Photo Shoot

At the first amazing Krewe Du Who collector card photo shoot in October 2012, I was enamored with some of my fellow Whovian ladies and their takes on femme versions of The Doctor in various regenerations. Little did I know, this is totally a thing amongst female DW fans – I’ve learned a lot since then! I was immediately inspired to do one of my own. At the time , I had watched all of the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors episodes, but had also started watching the original William Hartnell episodes starting in 1963 (to the best of my ability based on what’s available on Netflix). I love Hartnell’s Doctor, and decided he would be “my” Doctor for the KDW Femme Doctor project I headed up. This costume was put together in early 2013, debuted at the KDW Femme Doctor Photo Shoot in April 2013.


Part 1: The Character

hartnell-1 hartnell-2 three-doctors

Hartnell was 55 when he began starring as The Doctor, with his unmistakeable white hair, his ever-present monocle, and his grouchy disposition. For an index of Class Hartnell episodes, see this BBC resource.

Part 2: Sources of Info & Inspiration

One of the items I found which helped as I started looking for how to put this costume together was this blog post on how to be a desaturated ANYTHING. Good tips on how to look realistic and not just like you’re wearing black & white clothes. I’ve also been watching old Hartnell DW episodes, of course, and getting a feel for his facial expressions and mannerisms as well. Otherwise, it was just talking to folks about the idea and thinking of the best ways to feminize the character while still being recognizable.

I also need to give a shout out to ALL of the amazing Femme Doctor cosplays out there. I’ve seen some truly incredible stuff in the last three years I’ve been doing Doctor Who costuming, and I love seeing how creative people are. I wish I could sew, I’m so in awe of what people can accomplish when they can make their imaginations come to life instead of relying on what they can FIND, like I have to. That’s it’s own kind of creativity and it definitely takes some time and resourcefulness, but the folks who can generate costumes from their minds and hands and sweat are just incredible. Here are some LOVELY Femme Docs I’ve stumbled across, ALL of which provided warm fuzzies and inspiration for me. Just to name a few:

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