Rose Tyler #6: Aliens of London/World War III

I was really on a roll with Rose costumes, and I found the DIESEL jacket in an XL (finally) on eBay when I was looking for the one from The Christmas Invasion, so I grabbed it even though I hadn’t planned to put this outfit together. Aliens of London & World War Three aren’t high on the list of best Ninth Doctor episodes, but the cosplay ended up being pretty easy, and I’m having a great time collecting Rose items.

Part 1: The Episode

aliens of london ww3 ww3 screen cap 2 aliens of london AOL screen cap 2 AOL screen cap

Part 2: Sources of Info & Inspiration

The primary source for this was Bad Wolf Closet, of course. This post breaks down all the items, with pretty decent photos of most of them, which made it much easier to search for them on eBay – particularly the jeans, which have several details that are present on other styles but can be difficult to find this exact style. 

Part 3: Piecing it Together

  • Pink “Mambo” T-Shirt
  • DIESEL Ivory “Return of the Ice Crusaders” Jacket
  • OASIS Boyfriend/Sapphire Jeans
  • Adidas Stan Smith Velcro Trainers
  • Purple Silicone/Rubber Watch

These pieces weren’t too hard to find, but finding the right sizes took some trial and error and some time. I found the jeans, jacket, and trainers on eBay UK (of course), for $10.19, $69.72, and $23.27, respectively. I paid way more for the jacket than is usual for this particular style, but it took me FOREVER to find an XL so I just went with it, since DIESEL seems to have something against girls with boobs, and their jackets are always way small on me.

I was able to get in on a fan-produced replica printing run for the “Mambo” t-shirt, which cost me $45 including shipping. The watch I found on Amazon (I think) for $10 or less.

Note: All costs include shipping & tax. Total Cost for this Costume = $158 (approximate)

Part 4: The Final Look

2121 21482155

Part 5: Epilogue

DIESEL jackets make me angry. Haha! Seriously, they must hate girls with boobs; none of their jackets fit me the way they should. I got an XL and it was still too small. I’m not small, but this was ridiculous. Otherwise, this is a pretty comfy costume – I mean, jeans, and t-shirt, trainers/sneakers? Not bad. And this is one of the lighter jackets (sometimes sold on eBay UK as a “summer jacket” – something I don’t believe should be a thing), so it’s not horrid to wear in New Orleans. I did wait until January to do this photo shoot, though, just so I wasn’t sweating to death all day.

Overall, success! However, I’m up to my ears in Rose cosplays now, and this one isn’t one of the more common or recognizable, so after the photo shoot I sold off all of the items to other Rose cosplayers, as I wouldn’t really wear this one to a Con, and I felt like my resources could be better directed to other costumes, and that other Rose folks might be looking for these pieces.


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