Rose Tyler #5: Boom Town

Keeping on with the Rose thing… not sure which one to do next, so since I already had the scarf from “The End of Time” episode, I went with “Boom Town”.

Part 2: The Episode

13-M  tumblr_mdh393htWz1rtpwqvo1_500 product_thumb  scarf_017-M boom town screen caps 2 boom town rose scarf

Part 2: Sources of Info & Inspiration

This is a less common Rose cosplay, so I hadn’t seen too many finished ones in photos. I have gotten to the point where I’m really just enjoying finding the items and putting the costumes together, even if they’re outfits I don’t plan to wear much. For this one, I felt like I could get an approximation or common ALTs of most of the items pretty easily, with the exception of the scarf, though there are many ALTs available. 

Part 3: Piecing it Together bonhams boom town lot 54

  • Denim jacket
  • Punkyfish top/track jacket
  • Multicolor scarf
  • Denim skirt
  • Red/burgundy fingerless gloves
  • Purple plastic watch
  • Hoop earrings
  • Black tights
  • Black boots

Denim Jacket (dark wash) from American Eagle ($34.48 on sale).

Punkyfish Track Jacket ($44.60 including shipping), from eBay, plus the costs of dye and color remover (approximately $20). This track jacket was originally brown with light pink piping, and I color stripped it and re-dyed it to approximate the SA pink.

2016-01-08 09.26.25 2016-01-08 09.22.48

IMG_1914The Free People Fairytale Forest scarf is a difficult item to find in the true SA size andpattern. The one I got for this costume and currently use for The End of Time costume is one of the Free People re-releases of the original (pictured below – $42.53 on eBay including shipping), so it’s pretty close, the colors are really good, but the knit and the size is a bit different. From what I’ve been able to tell, the re-releases are shorter and wider than the original. Happily, since I am pretty short, the length works well for me, though I do wish it was a narrower scarf.

IMG_0039Red fingerless gloves from ($5.20) and purple plastic watch.

I used black tights I had purchased for the Tooth & Claw costume, and black boots I found at my Red White & Blue thrift store for $5.95 plus tax, instead of splurging on the SA Hobbs boots.

MY Boom Town Boots ALTs






I had a lot of trouble finding a denim skirt that approximated the style and wash and also fit me well, without spending a lot of money. I settled on a Tommy Hilfiger skirt I found on eBay – it’s longer than the one Rose wears, but I don’t do short skirts as a general rule and I wanted to be comfortable. This skirt cost me $22.84, and was good enough!

Note: All costs include shipping & tax. Total Cost for this Costume = $184 (approximate)

Part 4: The Final Look

2204 2209 2194

Part 5: Epilogue

I had fun finding the pieces for this costume, and I learned a LOT about dyeing clothes from a long, arduous process of trying to get the Punkyfish track jacket to work for me! It’s not one of my favorites, but overall it worked out well. My friend Rachel took some nice photos of me in the costume so I could have those on hand, but after that was over I sold most of the pieces to fellow Rose cosplayers. So I won’t be wearing this one regularly, but the process of finding, collecting, altering, and putting together the items for the whole costume was enjoyable!


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