Rose Tyler #6: Aliens of London/World War III

I was really on a roll with Rose costumes, and I found the DIESEL jacket in an XL (finally) on eBay when I was looking for the one from The Christmas Invasion, so I grabbed it even though I hadn’t planned to put this outfit together. Aliens of London & World War Three aren’t high on the list of best Ninth Doctor episodes, but the cosplay ended up being pretty easy, and I’m having a great time collecting Rose items.

Part 1: The Episode

aliens of london ww3 ww3 screen cap 2 aliens of london AOL screen cap 2 AOL screen cap

Part 2: Sources of Info & Inspiration

The primary source for this was Bad Wolf Closet, of course. This post breaks down all the items, with pretty decent photos of most of them, which made it much easier to search for them on eBay – particularly the jeans, which have several details that are present on other styles but can be difficult to find this exact style.  Continue reading


Rose Tyler #5: Boom Town

Keeping on with the Rose thing… not sure which one to do next, so since I already had the scarf from “The End of Time” episode, I went with “Boom Town”.

Part 2: The Episode

13-M  tumblr_mdh393htWz1rtpwqvo1_500 product_thumb  scarf_017-M boom town screen caps 2 boom town rose scarf

Part 2: Sources of Info & Inspiration

This is a less common Rose cosplay, so I hadn’t seen too many finished ones in photos. I have gotten to the point where I’m really just enjoying finding the items and putting the costumes together, even if they’re outfits I don’t plan to wear much. For this one, I felt like I could get an approximation or common ALTs of most of the items pretty easily, with the exception of the scarf, though there are many ALTs available.  Continue reading