“The Master” Harold Saxon & Lucy Saxon

For the Third Krewe du Who Collector Card run, my husband Seann and I decided to do a card together. Our first thought was Rose Tyler (of course) and the Metacrisis Doctor from Journey’s End, which we’ve been slowly working on (finding the right color suit for him for that one without spending an arm and a leg is challenging, and I’m embarking on an ambitious project for the blue/purple jacket myself). Instead, we decided to go in another direction, departing from the Rose/Doctor pairing and going for a pair of characters that haven’t been represented in our card runs yet: The Master Harold Saxon and his wife, Lucy Saxon. We are both natural blondes (though we might have to faux-frost Seann’s hair for this), and Seann can do a wonderful impression of Saxon’s “crazy face”. Haha!

Part 1: The Characters

The outfits that make the most sense and would be most recognizable (particularly together) would be the ones from “The Last of the Time Lords” in which Lucy actually shoots The Master. He’s wearing a fairly ordinary black suit with a white shirt and black tie. Lucy, on the other hand, is wearing a gorgeous red satin dress.

IMG_8063 tumblr_lqgffdty5d1qbptt3o1_500_42433404_lucy_bbc_gall jm2_master_1088196701_1236026145334_full IMG_8065

Part 2: Sources of Info & Inspiration

The primary resources we’ve been using for these costumes are actually just the episodes themselves. I’ve been doing some researching on other cosplayers who have recreated Lucy’s dress, to see if there are any good ALTs out there or a pattern someone has made to make the dress, since it’s a pretty unusual cut.

Part 3: Piecing Together

The Master Harold Saxon IMG_7315

  • Black Suit
  • White Dress Shirt
  • Narrow Black Tie
  • The Master’s Ring
  • The Master’s Laser Screwdriver

The black suit was pretty easy. We went to our standby, the Red White & Blue thrift store on Lapalco Blvd., and found one without too much trouble. Seann had to go with me to try it on, of course, but once he had a chance to do that, it wasn’t hard to pick up one for a few bucks. We also found a cheap, plain black tie there for $X.XX. The white dress shirt we just grabbed at Wal-Mart at the last minute, for XXX.

IMG_7314Then all we needed were a few accessories, which cost WAY more than the clothes. Men’s costumes can be so easy. UGH.

The Master’s signet ring I found on eBay for $18.99 including shipping. It doesn’t have the SA green background, but this is fixable with some paint or a Sharpie and some clear coat from my craft closet. I also picked up The Master’s Laser Screwdriver for Seann from The BBC Doctor Who Shop for $25.98. It normally sells on ThinkGeek as well, and right now it’s on sale there for $19.99, but it was sold out there at the time, but I was able to find it at the BBC shop, and with a few other items I ordered at the same time, I got free shipping on orders over $50.

IMG_2014 IMG_2015

Lucy Saxon

  • Floor-Length Red Satin Dress
  • Shoes
  • Gun Prop
  • Long Curly Blonde Locks
  • Makeup & Nail Polish

After going through all of the online resources for recreating Lucy’s dress… I decided to buy one that was “close enough”. I just don’t sew well enough for this, and sewing satin seemed like a bad move on my part. Plus, depending on how many times I planned to wear this particular cosplay, it might not make sense to invest in a replica dress, and I wasn’t ready to make that kind of commitment yet. So I found a dress on eBay that I thought approximated the look of Lucy’s dress well enough and would only require minimal adjustment (read: I knew I would need to have it shortened, I’m only 5’2″, EVERYTHING has to be shortened). It’s an off-brand (“Ever Pretty”) from China, so I was nervous about it, but at $23.99 including shipping, the price was right. I got the dress altered at a local tailor, which ended up costing me $65 because there are two layers to the dress, which both needed to be shortened, and I had to bring up the halter straps to shorten them so that the top would fit right. I’m a shortie, it’s par for the course.

Lucy shoesI found a LOVELY pair of Antonio Melani cherry red peep-toe heels on eBay, for $19.50. You don’t really see Lucy’s shoes in the episode, from what I could see, so I was winging it on this, but it was a good choice. I also scooped up a low-line nude plunge bra to wear underneath, since none of the bras I had already worked with this dress and it’s low V. I found an inexpensive one on Amazon for $12.97. I also snagged some “boob tape” a.k.a. double-stick fashion tape, to hold the dress where it was supposed to be, for $11.95 on Amazon. Good enough!

For the gun, we just used one of the ones we had laying around from our U.N.I.T. Trooper costumes. No cost for that, then.

One of the main challenges with this costume for me is the sheer volume of hair Lucy is sporting. I just don’t have voluminous hair. My color is fine for this look, but once I put my hair up in the front to create the poufy top part of her style, I don’t have NEARLY enough hair for all the curls. Enter FAKE HAIR! So I ordered some pin-in curly extensions in the right color that I can attach for the photos and costume without the commitment of real extensions, for $8.99 on Amazon.

Makeup was easy! I had red nail polish on hand from my Femme Jack Harkness costume, and Lucy’s makeup is pretty minimal, just mascara and some light lips. So I was able to use makeup I already had on hand! No extra costs there.

Note: All costs include shipping. Total Cost for this Costume = $142.40 (including alterations, including stuff I can use for other costumes, like the fashion tape), raw cost without alterations was $77.40. 

Part 4: The Final Look

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 3.27.37 PM

Part 5: Epilogue

We will have more photos available on this soon, but we JUST did the photo shoot and haven’t gotten to see all of them yet. The most challenging part of this outfit is walking in the red heels. Haha! I will just have to bring backups for cons. Otherwise, I have nothing to change about this costume except getting better at doing my own hair and pinning the extensions in. I’m SO bad at hair…


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