Prince Ashitaka, Princess Mononoke

For our second Krewe de Fu ball, the theme revolved around anime, and I wanted to put together a costume of San from Princess Mononoke. While he wasn’t obligated to, my wonderful husbad agreed to wear a Prince Ashitaka costume and match me, which was amazing of him! BAM! Couples costume. (see this separate post for info on the San costume) Ultimately, due to family events, we weren’t able to attend the Ball (sad face), so instead we wore them for Halloween later in the year instead.

Part 1: The Character

Ashitaka (1)  ec8e3c43eade4284f3c2f88bcca1a84b  tumblr_m9v301Apdg1r7hbdoo1_500  37068245d4419ad959ffe5dfc5d57475Prince.Ashitaka.full.424866  70332-ashitaka_and_yakkul_super Continue reading