Willie Scott, Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom

Because what guy doesn’t want to be Indiana Jones at least once? My fiance and I decided to go the Temple of Doom route for Halloween this year, dressing as Indy and his sassy companion Willie Scott. It’s a fun couples costume, and with Willie’s blonde hair I wouldn’t have to wear a wig, which is always a plus in my book!

Part 1: The Characters

300px-2649-9435 temple-of-doom-willie

willie scott 2 willie scott Indiana-Jones-Last-Crusade-01 Indiana_Jones_in_Raiders_of_the_Lost_Ark indiana-jones

Part 2: Sources of Info & Inspiration

I knew it would be nearly impossible to find and purchase a dress that matched Willie’s exactly, so I gave up hope on that right away since I wasn’t going for super duper accuracy, just a fun Halloween costume. For those of you looking for a  more screen-accurate dress, I found several great resources for that, including these:

Part 3: Piecing Together

Checklist of Items Needed – Willie Scott:

  • Red & gold Mandarin-collar dress
  • 40s era gold heels
  • Red & gold sequined gloves
  • Hair ribbon
  • Red & gold earrings
  • Prop: giant fake diamond

The dress was the first priority, since it’s of course the primary item I needed. I didn’t want to spend a lot, and just wanted a dress to fit me in red & gold in the right style. I found one on eBay that worked just fine, for $22.16.


The shoes I found on sale at a local thrift store, and snagged them for around $6.00 (I can’t find the receipt, so this is approximate). I wanted a low heel so they’d be comfortable for parties or Frenchman Street or other Halloween activities, and was pretty pleased with the look, price, and height of these.


I found some relatively cheap sequined gloves in various colors on eBay [link now expired], and purchased a pair each of the gold (really more like yellow)  and the red ($6.98 each pair).

DSCF2141  DSCF2144

DSCF2129I found both the wired ribbon ($16) to make the hairpiece out of and some red & gold dangly earrings ($16) on Amazon [link now expired] .

I also located a prop fake giant diamond on eBay for $16.05 [no longer available]. I wouldn’t have gotten this at that price just for one costume, but I can also use it for my Rose Tyler “Tooth & Claw” costume as well, so I figured I’d go for it. I recommend searching for wedding props, by the way, that seems to be a popular place to find stuff like this. Recycled wedding websites are a good source for this!

Note: All costs include shipping & tax. Total Cost for this Costume = $90 (approximate)

Checklist of Items Needed – Indiana Jones:

  • Indy’s iconic hat
  • Brown jacket
  • Khaki pants
  • Disheveled, button-down pocket shirt
  • Accessories/props: whip, holster, gun, etc.
  • Indy-style satchel

Seann already had the Indiana Jones hat itself. There are a bunch of them available on Amazon and other places, such as this one for example – the better-quality ones seem to be in the range of $35.

For most of the costume, we actually hit the JACKPOT at one of our neighborhood thrift stores. We went to the Red White & Blue on Jefferson Highway one day, looking for an appropriate button-down shirt in the right hue, and a pair of khakis that could be “throwaway” and intentionally distressed if necessary, and we walked out with SO much more. We checked the shoe section (“just in case”) and found a perfect pair of slightly beaten but nice brown shoes for $4.95, then located the shirt we were looking for ($2.95) and khakis ($3.95) pretty easily. For fun we had also looked at the jackets, finding a nice brown leather jacket that would have worked perfectly (and fit Seann really well), but it was $44.95 and we couldn’t quite justify that, given that he had another brown jacket at home that would be good enough for a one-off costume. We got up to the checkout counter and found that all the items we had were on sale for 50% off – SCORE! So the shoes, shirt, and pants came to a total of $6.46 with tax – unbelievable! With that stroke of luck, we decided to go ahead and grab the jacket as well, since, well… 50% off! So that piece came to $30.09 after tax. All in all, a SERIOUSLY successful thrift store trip. If only all our costuming efforts went that smoothly!

DSCF2135Anyway… after that all we had left was accessories. Seann picked up some of the stock Indy props, since they were pretty cheap. You can get the whip ($4.99), belt & gun w/holster ($12.99) and satchel ($6.99) on Buycostumes.com – but beware! The belt/holster and satchel are wicked cheap looking. You get what you pay for! 

Ultimately, for the satchel, we decided to go another route, partly since I didn’t have pockets or a bag or ANYTHING to carry my stuff in, the satchel needed to be functional. We found a great one that’s a pretty close match on eBay, for only $16.98 (though it’s cheaper right now, by a smidge). The quality of that one was better than we expected based on the cost, and it worked great!


Note: All costs include shipping & tax. Total Cost for this Costume = $94 (approximate)

Part 4: The Final Look

We debuted the costumes at friends’ Halloween block party. I don’t have too many good photos, but you definitely get the idea. My feet were hurting the night of the party, so I ended up wearing some glittery gold sandals I had bought for another costume at the last minute. Seann was immediately recognizable, of course! He makes a great Indy (you call him “Doctor Jones”!). I, on the other hand, was much less recognizable on my own. I got “are you a geisha?” a lot. BUT all I had to do was pull Indy/Seann next to me and say “do I make more sense now?” and it all clicked into place then.

indie & willie 2 indy & willie 1

Part 5: Epilogue

Because this was primarily a Halloween costume, I was going for comfort and affordability over accuracy. The gloves were cheap and the sequins kept getting snagged on the threads of my dress. I was in a hurry when getting ready and didn’t curl my hair properly. I also realized after the fact that I put the hair ribbon on the wrong side, but whatever. When I inevitably wear this costume again I’ll make some changes to address these problems, but for what it was, I am happy with the results!


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