Rose Tyler #2: The Idiot’s Lantern

After the great response I got from my cosplay for Rose Tyler in “The Empty Child”/”The Doctor Dances”, I was itching for another opportunity to cosplay Rose. Thinking about other iconic outfits from her run, and what would be fun and different from what I already had, I decided on “The Idiot’s Lantern” as my second Rose look.

Part 1: The Episode

78813062198489803_MrSu31UY_b 58102_600 idiots lantern moto pic DOCTOR WHO Ep 7

Part 2: Sources of Info & Inspiration

The number one resource for a screen accurate version of this cosplay is, OF COURSE, Jessica at Bad Wolf Closet. Here’s her amazing breakdown of this episode’s costume pieces. My problem, however, was that I have NO sewing skills and basically no budget. I was also having ZERO luck finding the jacket on eBay, so I decided to just make a DIY homespun version, cobbled together as best I could from whatever I could find myself at thrift stores, Amazon, eBay, you name it! I can always work on upgrading piece by piece later on if I find things as they become available, right? Or if I magically learn to sew? Haha.

Once again, my absolute BEST resources are others who have thread this path before me. Some great ones to check out:

Part 3: Piecing Together

  • Pink 50s-style dress (with tulle underskirt) – apparently the one from the episode was made by the costume designer, so actual copies are nowhere to be found and details are scant.
  • Slate/blue/grey jacket (with flower detail on left breast pocket) – original is a Topshop Moto jacket
  • Pink heels & fishnet stockings (relatively tight weave)
  • Pink Accessories (headband, earrings, ring, sunglasses)
  • Makeup & Hair
  • Props (TV set lunchbox purse)

I had to start completely from scratch on this one, not owning a single item that would work for any piece of the costume. The dress was clearly the primary objective – without that, I would have nothing. I seriously lucked out on this one, finding a dress of a GREAT shape, in PINK at a local thrift store. (for New Orleans cosplayers, I found it at the Goodwill on Tulane Avenue), for only $4.00ish. The color isn’t a great match, but for $4.00 and “close enough” pink, I barely hesitated. FOUR DOLLARS. Seriously.

Slate-ish Blue colored faux leather jacket from Target ($46.78 including shipping). This was the most expensive thing I bought for this costume by far. They didn’t have my size at my local store so I had to get it online, which of course unfortunately added a shipping cost. It’s not cropped, which is too bad, it’s clearly the wrong fabric, and the sleeves are full-length, but the color is a decent match, particularly considering a have a “saturated” version of the dress, the jacket matches it well, and I was NOT finding anything better. So I went for it!

pink halter dressimage-5The dress I wear, then, is this halter-neck dress with a nice flared skirt, in more of a hot pink than the bubblegum one in the episode. I added volume to the underside by adding a tulle underskirt I found on eBay for $11.50 including shipping, similar to this one. To make the bright pink of my dress more palatable, I decided to match all the pink accessories as best I could to the pink of my dress instead of the pink from the episode, to tie it all together. I also didn’t own a pair of fishnets that wasn’t destroyed by prior costume wear, so I bought a new pair for $7.49 from Amazon.


Pink twist knot wedges from eBay (link is to a white pair of the same design, I got mine for $10.98 including shipping). [no longer available]

Sunglasses ($13.80), flower pin for the lapel ($3.50) & earrings (8.75) were from Target.

Pink rose (hehe) ring from eBay ($7.00).

Satiny hairband from eBay ($4.98).

pink rose ring

Miscellaneous Makeup (black eyeliner & mascara) = $6.00 or so from Walgreens (I used what I had purchased previously for my first Rose cosplay)

Hair: I am TERRIBLE at doing my own hair (this is a running theme, you will note). A good friend of mine showed me how to tease the crap out of the crown and pin it all to death, but honestly my lessons won’t help anyone else. I had originally wanted to try this tutorial I found, so maybe someone else will find it useful, too.

photo 1

Prop/makeshift purse: “The Wire” Lunchbox. I repurposed a Looney Tunes lunchbox I found on eBay ($20.00), painting most of it black, and printing out the creepy lady’s face and gluing it to the screen. It made a perfect purse for the costume so I could carry my things, and I get TONS of compliments on it. I also added a small “Magpie electricals” logo on the back of the TV for good measure. Seriously, it’s a huge hit. I’m actually considering making more and selling them to other Rose cosplayers because it’s perfect for carrying a handful of stuff around with you, and goes with the outfit perfectly!

Note: All costs include shipping. Total Cost for this Costume = $139 (approximate)

Part 4: The Final Look

DSCN3219 DSCN3223

Part 5: Epilogue

I debuted this costume just this past Saturday at the NOLA Time Fest, co-hosted by my absolutely amazing friends from Krewe Du Who.

Overall I was extremely happy with this one. It’s much more comfortable than my first cosplay, from The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, mostly because everything fit better (due to that off-brand jacket I used for that first attempt!) Imagine that! One thing I learned (having never worn tulle underskirts before) is that a) tulle is itchy, and b) it will snag on fishnet stockings. So I will be investing in a slip to wear for the next time I put this costume on. The tulle underskirt I bought was also WAY too long, so I had to enlist some girlfriends to help me trim it to the right length, and the ends are a little ragged because I haven’t had time (or a sewing machine) to hem it. Otherwise, everything was great!

Part 6: UPDATE (Posted June 2015 – CLICK HERE)


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