Rose Tyler #1: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances

This Rose Tyler look from Doctor Who Season 1 (2005) was my first ACTUAL foray into cosplay, beyond any prior Halloween or Mardi Gras related costuming I’d done in the past. I put together this one in the summer of 2012, after JUST having started watching Doctor Who (I started with Christopher Eccleston in “Rose”), and having been “given” my character by a bunch of new Whovian friends of mine. They had deemed this the most iconic of Rose’s looks, and it seemed pretty easy to put together, so I went for it!

Part 1: The Episodes

Screen caps from the episodes, with a decent shot of the shirt, fuzzy look at the jacket. Of course I re-watched the episodes myself and took screen caps through Netflix on my iPad to try and see the details, especially when it came to makeup and hair.

12 roserose-109-01

Part 2: Sources of Info & Inspiration

The BEST source I have found for most Rose Tyler cosplay info is the dw-cosplay community on LiveJournal. This post covers all of Rose’s outfits for Season 1, including screen caps and images of each piece with details. It has been invaluable for me as I’ve looked for items, to have this reference.

Part 3: Piecing Together

  • Union Jack T-shirt and White Undershirt
  • Medium/Dark Wash Jeans
  • Black Hooded Jacket – the actual SA version of the jacket is a Firetrap brand “Harrie” jacket in dark brown
  • Gold Hoop Earrings
  • Baby Blue “Nellie” Timberlands


  • Hair & Makeup – lots of eyeliner, a la Rose, and seriously tousled hair.

To start with, I decided to use a pair of jeans I already owned which seemed to be the right wash, and a white tank from my closet to go under the Union Jack tee (see screen cap). The Firetrap jacket is nearly impossible to find at this point, and such a dark brown that everyone assumes it’s black anyway, so I figured a black hooded jacket that approximated the look of this one would be good enough for what I wanted. The rest of the items I put together from the following:

Union Jack t-shirt from Amazon ($19.98):

Black Hooded Jacket from eBay ($36.95): (this is not the exact one I got, but it’s what’s listed now and it’s VERY close)

Gold Hoop Earrings from Amazon ($24.11):

Baby Blue Timberlands from eBay ($44.99): (no longer listed) 

Miscellaneous Makeup (black eyeliner & mascara) = $6.00 or so from Walgreens (I just got the cheap stuff since I won’t use it much outside of cosplay)

Note: All costs include shipping. Total Cost for this Costume = $132 (approximate)

Rose-Tyler-doctor-who-for-whovians-28291458-1024-768Hair & makeup: I did all of my own for this one. My hair was nearly the perfect length at the time, and I decided to let my roots grow out longer than usual to achieve the effect I was going for. I towel-dried my hair and put in some Garnier Wonder Waves Curl Enhancing spray, and threw it up in a low makeshift bun for a couple of hours to dry, which helped to keep it wavy and a bit crunchy, the only way my hair would hold this texture of both wavy and somewhat frizzy. The makeup was harder for me because I NEVER wear that much, and I’ve only lined my bottom lashes a handful of times. I use copious amounts of black eyeliner pencil and mascara, of course, with some peachy-brown shadow above to add color.

Part 4: The Final Look

best-shot-rose full-shot-rose1  IMG_3540 IMG_3553

Part 5: Epilogue

Overall, I was super happy with my fist real cosplay attempt. I got tons of compliments, especially from the Krewe Du Who folks who were thrilled when I showed up like this with my boyfriend (at the time, now my super amazing fiance) dressed as Ten. The jacket I got looks great, but is SUPER uncomfortable because it’s a bit too small, and does NOT breathe at all. So for hot New Orleans events, it’s not the most comfy, though I guess sometimes we have to suffer for our art! I did find myself taking breaks to remove the jacket and breathe for a few minutes at a time. Also, the Union Jack tee I got has faded more than I expected after having worn this costume about 4-5 times now, even though I wash in cold water. I may have to get a new one to replace it so the colors are more vibrant.

IMG_3394     rose-ten-tardis


10 thoughts on “Rose Tyler #1: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances

  1. Hi, is it possible you could please tell me a black to find the Baby Blue Nessie Timberlands?
    I can’t find them anywhere and Ebay doesn’t have them in my size.


    • Hi, unfortunately I don’t know of anywhere to get them except on eBay. That is where I find mine. I recommend you keep looking! You never know when they will turn up. Best of luck!

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  5. I hope you don’t mind, I borrowed your picture of Rose and linked to you and gave you credit for it as I had a go at cosplaying this and was looking for a picture…

    • Sure thing! One of my hopes with this blog is that my work and research can also benefit other cosplayers, beyond just me! Can you post a link here if you posted it on your blog? I’d love to check it out.

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